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Want to know about the technoblog?

Well If you have arrived at this page you probably want to know more about my. So let me introduce my self.


I am certified WordPress and Shopify Developer. I have working knowledge of javascript, html and css. All these languages serve as the base in wordpress and shopify.

I have 3 years of experience in developing and creating a website for clients. I also do customizations as well. As a developer, I work on the performance of the sites and Shopify store. Knowing the languages like JavaScript and HTML makes me the best speed optimizer for websites and Shopify stores. Check out the speed optimization Results Here.

SEO Expert

My expertise are mot limited just to developing websites, but also I am working as SEO for some clients to rank their websites in google. Wether it is a local business striving to rank in google search results in local market or international site. I am helping my clients in any way they want.

I do white hat SEO involving on page seo, off-page seo and technical SEO. Check some testimonials from my Clients.

Social Media Marketing

After work as a devepor and SEO expert, Now I have decided to do social media marketing. It includes generating leads, and Conversion through different sales channels like facebook, instagram, and Pinterest.

I have solved problem like products not approved by facebook, ads account disabled and Pixel Issues. I have worked for a client and got approve the products which Facebook had rejected.

For another Client His Pixel was having error. So i fixed it.

Contact Me

If you ahve any problem with you website, shopify store or want to hire me as you SEO guy You can Contact Me

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