Powerfull youtube seo strategy to get more thumbs up on video

Powerful YouTube SEO strategy to get more thumbs up

Things like getting thumbs up are a good ranking signal for youtube SEO. So let us talk about How to get more thumbs up. Keep in mind that the quality if your video is above the top ranking factors while doing youtube SEO.

The more people watch the video. Your video should be giving more value to its viewers. The more they get the value for what they have searched it is more likely they to get the thumbs up for the video. So obviously the quality of the video is above the top to rank your video above other competitors’ videos.


Ask for thumbs up But When?

First of all in your video you should ask for subscribing or give me a thumbs up. But be cautious do not do this in the very beginning of your video. Because that is a turnoff for a lot of people as many people will get irritated to leave your video.

So what you should do is to ask for the thumbs up after an Aha moment, the place where you give value.

More likely the viewer will be giving you a thumbs up. Also, try to avoid asking for thumbs up at the end of your video. Because the data from the YouTube videos show that there are fewer people who make it towards the end of the video. So somewhere in the middle is ideal.

Use Review groups to get extra boost

May of the YouTubers in their tarting days use this strategy to give a boost to their videos. This strategy includes the use of Facebook review groups and linked in review groups.

Let’s find out how you can get more thumbs up for your videos using Facebook review groups.

First, go to your Facebook account and search by typing “youtube review groups“. There is a bundle of youtube groups like increase subs or increase thumbs up. You can join these groups and ask them for getting some views and likes for your videos.

Note that youtube does not support reciprocal views generated by using view for view. But you can get enough thumbs up it will help you a little bit.

You can do the same on LinkedIn groups

Ask your friends for thumbs up

Posting video on social media account to get more thumbs up for youtube video is not enough. The reason is that many people will see you post and ignore it thiking any one else will do it.

So not only post your video on your social media account bus also message your colleagues, friends, and family members personally and ask for a thumbs up. Keep in mind thumbs up is considered a good ranking signal in YouTube video SEO.

Use RTT to boost your YouTube SEO rankings

RT Team is a group of people you can use to get retweets for your video. This team may consist of twitter users which can be your friends’ colleagues or family members. This can give an initial boost to your video rankings and also help you get more thumbs up and shares.

Ask when posting

Another strategy you can use while posting on social media is to ask when posting. You can ask for comments and thumbs up. This will hint people you to get more thumbs up for your video, and also they can ask anything in comments. Any person commenting on your video and getting a reply to the comment is likely to hit the thumbs up.

Create controversy

Step of YouTube video SEO
Like and Dislike on YouTube video

Another important strategy to get more thumbs up on your video is to create some controversy about a topic. But the interesting thing about the controversy is that fifty percent of the audience will like your video and the other half percent viewer will dislike. Point to be noted, dislike is also an engagement signal. You can use this signal while doing YouTube video SEO because you are getting extra engagements. It is unconfirmed from YouTube, but most of the top YouTubers believe it as a ranking factor.


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