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Why Facebook Page Post Ads Are Still Best?

What Are Facebook Page Post Ads?

Page post ads

As an admin or moderator of the page when you update a post on your page, it can be used as an ad. The post can be in the form of a link, picture, or video. That post can be used as an ad or an ad can be crafted out of any post you shared on the page.

In this way, you can use the Facebook page posts as an ad for your page fans or non-fans. So that ads can target not only fans of the page but also to non-fans audience.

Why choose Facebook page post ads over other ad types?

  • Cost-Effective One of the biggest reasons for choosing a post as your ad is cost-effectiveness. When you create an ad and target it to 10,000 or 100,000 people, it is obvious that you may run out of budget. On the other hand post ads that targeting only the fans narrow down the audience and also less ad spent.
  • Higher Click-Through Rates The images or videos are occupying more space. The bigger size always gets attention. Which means it will trigger the viewer to click it. In this way, the click-through rate goes higher and higher.
  • More Engagements Since these ads are bigger so more people tend to engage in the ads. This means post ads trigger liking, sharing, and commenting. The bigger the image more the space it takes in the news feed hence more chances are there the viewer engages in the ad.
  • Viral Traffic More engagements mean people are likely to follow the link ad is targeting. As these ads are getting more attention you will be going to get a lot more shares and tags. Now with that comes a lot of traffic. Viral traffic comes when a post is shared more or tagged many times.
  • Massive Image Page post ads have an advantage in that there is a massive 1200 by 1200 image. This makes the ad bigger. And bigger ad means more consumption of ad content. A bigger ad catches the attention.

Create Page Post Ads

I am going to tell you how to create Facebook Page post ads. Now, most people don’t create page post ads but instead, they create link ads. Now I will tell you How I have made the most money from page post ads. The reason is these types of ads have a highly engaging audience.

Steps To write Amazing Page Post Ads

First, go to your Ads Manager account. And Click on the Ads Manager menu in the top left. A popup with all different sections will be visible to you. You have to look for creating and manage in the tools. And then you have to click on Page Post.

When you click on new post it pulls up a new section. You can see Create post in the right. Click on create post and a dialogue box pops up. Fill in the box with product photo and details with a link and save.

After saving the post you can create ad form that post. There are two ways to do this. One click on the options in front of the post and scroll down to create ad and Second is go to top left menu from there choose ad manager. I prefer the second method.

From here you can go to your normal ad creation process. Hit create an ad in top right. After It you can choose which type of campaign do you want to run like awareness, consideration or Conversion. Do not get confused here. Just consider your goal and choose a campaign. Like if you want people to be aware of your product you can choose awareness or else you can drive traffic to your product page.

Depending on your goal you can use any campaign. You can further read about them in Related articles


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