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Generic Vs Niche Fan Page Which one is Better For E-Commerce?

In this article, I am going to talk about the most asked question from all over the world. The question is When you are building a Facebook page for the product which one should be created Niche Fan Page or Generic Fan Page.

General Vs Niche Fan Pages

Let’s discuss which type of Facebook page is better for our e-commerce business. I will discuss some Pros and Cons of both pages. And you have to choose which suits you best.

Generic or General Fan Page

Facebook’s general fan page is like a page that you can use for multiple products and scale them when they are trendy. You can have multiple niches promoted from a single page. So you can scale up to 10x with a general Facebook fan page. These types of pages can easily be adapted to the latest product trends as well as seasonal products.

More opportunityLower conversion rate
More scalable business modelLess engaging fans
Ability to adapt quicklyMore work in keeping track of posts
You can still do niche marketing
Pros and cons of Generic fan pages

Niche Fan Pages

Niche fan pages are a type of Facebook pages which usually focus on one kind of product. For example like selling survival straps or hiking gadgets. These kind of gadgets can only be sold when it’s season. After coupke of years

Higher Conversion RatesMore Workload
Customers LoyaltyMultiple fan pages to manage
More Engaging FansCan lose its trend
Creates True Fan BaseCannot test multiple Products
Niche Fan Pages

Considering the pros and cons of generic and niche fan pages, For me, I would like to go with a generic page. Although there is more opportunity for higher conversions on Niche fan page.

If you are looking for 7-figure income you can do it with the generic fan pages as you can promote any product even if the trend changes.


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