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Secrets to Know about the Facebook business manager

In this article, I am going to give a complete overview of the Facebook business manager. And how to do social media marketing with a proper Facebook business manager setup.

What is the Facebook business manager?

A Facebook business manager is like a workspace from where you can manage pages, ad account,, and commerce accounts as well. All these accounts on Facebook can be managed from a single place- the business manager. you can reach Facebook business manager from here.

In old days you have to do every thing from the Facebook profile, that was pretty much stressful. But now you can add employees and virtual assistants.

Creating a Business manager account

You can create a Facebook business manager account. You can create an account under your profile or business email. You can go to business.facebook.com.

After signing up for the account you will be able to Create a new fan page or if you already have a page you can add it from here.

Facebook business manager
Setup business manager

Similarly, you can also create a Facebook ad account or request access from another person to use it.

Quick tip. You can add any person’s ad account just like borrowing an ad account from someone.

Diving into the Facebook business manager setup

Now lets dive into the business manager settings. When you click on the settings button it’s going to bring you to the area where it has three sections. The First one is to manage the business manager. Second section displays the items to be configured like pages, accounts etc. And the third section displays the type of access to the resources.

Sections in Facebook business manager

The First section has following tabs you can use them to manages different pages, ad accounts and data sources.

  • Users( you can add or remove people in business manager, or you can assign different roles to your employees)
  • Accounts( consists of pages, ad accounts, Instagram accounts, and projects)
  • Data sources(like pixels or app)
  • Brand Safety
  • Integrations

The second section is like a sub-menu of the first section. Whatever you click on in the first section will be open in the second section

Some Facts about Business manager in facebook

You can create multiple business manager accounts under your personal profile.

You can also borrow a business manager from any family member or friend.

If you one ad account gets disabled you can create a new ad account.

Try to avoid adding people as admin or editor. Add them as moderators.


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