How to create Shopify store for dropshipping? Complete guide

Setting up Store-Complete Guide

You are taking the first step to create Shopify store. So to set up a Shopify store you should register on Shopify. Before setting up the store let’s know why just Shopify? So here are some best things about Shopify

  • No domain necessary( you can buy one if you want in my Case I prefer buying a domain)
  • No need to pay for hosting [Huge Savings]
  • Tons of Free App that can supercharge your store.
  • Above the Top 14 days FREE trial.

Step 1 Register on the Shopify

First of all register on the Shopify before creating your brand store. Just go to www.shopify.com. Look at top right and click start Free Trial. Good news is that shopify offers free 14 days trial before charging you.

After you click on the Start Free trial a popup will open input details like email, password and Store Name.

After signing up a 2 step form appears. You can skip first step in form but you have to fill up the second form which is about contact and address information to pay you.

Create Shopify store form
registration form

Step 2 Choose the right plan for Shopify store in 2021

After completing the registeration, you have to choose one plan to start and register on Shopify. Shopify offers three plans Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify Plan. All the plans have different features. So if you are just starting and playing around choose the basic plan. Or if you have made your mind about being successful in e-commerce you should choose Advanced Shopify Plan.

Shopify Plans

Remember You will have 14 days free trial period.

After choosing the plan you have to add billing information. But do not worry Shopify won’t charge you until the 14-day trial period expires. Shopify uses two methods for charging. One is a Credit card and the other is PayPal. You can use any of them

Step 3 Choosing your Store’s Brand Name before Shopify store set up

The hardest part is to choose your Brand’s name. It is one of the Important thing in choosing the name of your store as it is going to represent your store. Most of the people stuck at this point, keep thinking about names.

You should keep in mind while choosing the brand name that your brand name should be short, sweet, and catchy. And of course, that should represent you. After all, it’s your brand, Go through these tips while naming the store

  • Keep it simple
  • Short and sweet
  • The catchy word easy to get in mind
  • Must represent your brand
  • A word that sounds legit, not weird like My Online store
  • Try something that is more generic

You can use a free tool for finding a good name for your store. You just have to feed it with some keywords related to your store, and it will start brainstorming. After it will come up with a bunch of unique brand names you can use for your store. visit the site to find a unique name for your store

Last Step-Shopify Dashboard

After doing all the above things you will enter your store’s dashboard. From dashboard. You can customize each and everything about your store. On the left corner are some tabs like Home, orders, products, app, and much more. From these tabs, you can upload products, make collections and manage inventory.

As you can see there are a bunch of tabs to customize the store. You can go and check yourself and comment down if need any help


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