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Update: this giveaway is over but you can try again here.

Samsung will release the Samsung Galaxy S5 later in April and we decided to give one away for free to our readers. This international giveaway is going to have simple rules although we can’t tell you exactly when this giveaway will be over, because it depends when we can get our hands on a Galaxy S5 to give it away. We will instead close all entries on April 30th 2014, so if you are here before 30th April, follow along.

This Giveaway is sponsored by one of our readers and it is Powered By RaffleCopter and Boom Network . To enter, just follow the RaffleCopter widget below and you will be entered. Please remember, we will be checking all entries manually so please DON’T CHEAT.

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Terms & Conditions

  • The giveaway is an international giveaway (Except when we can not ship to your Country*)
    • If we can not ship to your country, you will be compensated with an online gift card of equal MSRP value to the prize.
  • We are not responsible for lost shipments.
  • You must be age of majority in your Country of residence.
  • We are not responsible for any duties/import taxes that you may incur.
  • Only 1 entry per person, do not enter multiple email addresses. We will verify all winners and if we detect multiple email addresses by the same person you will not be eligible to win.
  • We reserve all rights to make any changes to this giveaway.
  • The device will ship when available.

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  1. Sri Wulandari on

    i would love to win this one, because my old phone is just too old to functioning well. and i don’t want to cost my parents much money to buy me a new phone. so it’ll great if i win this one:)

  2. I would love to wiiiiiiiiiin *_* .. WHY ? Because IT IS A SAMSUNG yes a SAMSUNG !! GREAT SMARTPHONES EVEEEEEEEEER ..

  3. I would like to win to give it to my little sister for her first phone for her birthday i think that would be a good gift for her

  4. I would want to win the S5 because I already have the S4 and I love it ! It’s the best phone I’ve ever had and I just know that I will fall in love with the S5 all over again.

  5. Sahil Tiwari on

    I’d like to win this Samsung Galaxy S5 because after having it I am done with my bulky old laptop that I carry around for my work.

  6. Jboy Ababon III on

    Hello, I really want to win this awesome Samsung Galaxy S5 because it is the epitome of a true smartphone leader with class leading specs, brilliant 1080p amoled screen, a heart rate monitor for my health and an advance camera. These features will surely make my life even more productive and awesome. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has it all! I want to have it!

  7. Flayest Ameur on

    galaxy s5 is one of the best smart-phone on the market today, it’s very useful for different needs, I’m alot of adventures and I like to take a lot of shots in the wild, with it’s great camera and it’s resistance with such a battery life , it’s the one for me

  8. I’d love to win it cause I always wanted to have a Samsung Galaxy phone but it’s just too expensive. No surprise it’s an amazing phone! Thanks so much for this giveaway!!

  9. Adrian Hernandez on

    I like a lot the finger print scanner of the S5. I hope I win, I have also done the steps that you say on the video. (USER:AllhimsS)

  10. Philippe Fullido on

    I wanna win because my Mom’s turning 50 Years Old this April. And I wanna give her a Samsung Galaxy S5 but I couldn’t afford to buy her one. So here’s hoping I win this giveaway! :)

  11. i want to win because my family are not rich to buy me a smartphone and i really want one like all my friends T_T plz make my dream come true ^^


  12. I really want the s5 because it like the best phone ever ,the big screen and the heat rate scanner,literally everything on it is amazing ! the heart rate monitor will be great for my mum.! i really hope i win

  13. I want to win Samsung Galaxy S5 because I think it’s the best phone. Since a few months ago, I always think this phone, I mean I always think Samsung’s smartphone, but till now I can’t buy the phone, because this phone is expensive for me & I don’t have enough money to buy, I have to use my money for more important things.
    My other reasons are the phone has many features and excess, it water resistant for a few seconds, it can make everyone good mood, it has beautiful design, it slim and so awesome phone. I’m very hope at my birthday I get this phone just from this giveaway.
    And thanks for this giveaway, I hope I win this phone. Love you and Samsung Galaxy S5 ^^

  14. Nikhil Narkhede on

    i’m using a very basic feature phone from last 11 months ,so i badly need one smartphone . Hope i win. Thanks a lot iTechnoBlog for this great giveaway . As far as Samsung Galaxy s5 is concerned it has best in class hardware as well as software along with some unique features like heart rate monitor,fingerprint sensor,IP67 coating which at the moment other companies flagships lacks and that’s why i want to win it . :-)

  15. man i really need this phone as i lost my iphone 3gs last week …… would love this upgrade ..lets hope i win …….

  16. I really really want to win this phone so bad! I own a galaxy s3 and am depserately in need of a new phone and the s5 is perfect. I am a big fan of the galaxy range but I don’t have the means to buy this phone so I would love to win this!

  17. ts my dream to have this phone after finding bug in facebook ,i was looking to buy a expensive smartphone,then i found this amazing mobile,but i was so unlucky that my school fees was so high and my father was unable to pay,so i have to sacrifice for my phone,hope i win my dream.
    if i dont win this phone i dont be upset and will buy in future

  18. I’d like to win the Samsung Galaxy s5 because it is the best phone on the market and all my previous smartphones have been made by Samsung.

  19. Béatrice Laure Ladouce on

    I would love to win this smartphone because my Samsung Wave 525 (being my first smartphone) has started to malfunction recently and I can not afford a new one so it would be great if I could get the Samsung Galaxy S5 that you are giving away. Yeah, it might not be a great reason actually but it’s the only one I have… Thank you for reading this.

  20. Suhaila Qiela on

    I really want the s5 because it like the best phone ever ,the big screen and the heat rate scanner,literally everything on it is amazing!! Hopefully can win

  21. I want to win a samsung galaxy S5 bec i have a slow android 2 phone that keeps on closing everytime im searching something so i have to turn it off several times which is so hard bec i dont have a laptop or tablet either.

  22. Claudia Argentieri on

    I want win this phon for two reasons: the first reason is because I need a new phone,a and the second because I like very much Samsung Galaxy S5, I really hope win this phone…

  23. Jenna Eklund on

    I really need to win because: 1) I don’t have a phone right now and that makes it difficult to contact work and my family and my friends 2) I don’t have enough money to afford food at the moment, so winning a phone would be a huge blessing and a weight off my shoulders 3) I’ve been looking everywhere for weeks to find an affordable phone that would have my favorite smart phone features and that has gotten me nowhere! 4) Samsung Galaxy phones are my top choice in Smart Phones. 1,000% better than iPhones, period….also, I hate when people want to win these just to sell them on ebay. If you dant actually need it, then don’t take the opportunity from people who REALLY REALLY NEED it. It’s mean to do that :(
    Thank you for this opportunity! Fingers crossed!

  24. I like the long battery life and powerful advanced camera. It’s an amazing phone and I would love to win it.

  25. Ross Sullivan on

    I would love to win! I don’t have a phone, and this would save me a ton of money! I love Samsung and the s5! Please let me win!

  26. I want to win because I do not have a phone at the moment because my other one broke. I love the s5’s size and speed

  27. Flayest Ameur on

    I’m a big fan of technology specially smart phones , but unfortunately I
    don’t have money to but one of theme due to my financial condition I
    hope that I will win this phone and help a lot in my life because I’m
    studying programming and I’m a rookie photographer , thanks for this
    giveaway and specially for your videos and reviews thanks a lot

  28. I would love to win the s5 the phone fits my needs perfectly the finger scanner because my sisters and friends always tries to acces my phone the waterproof/heart rate monitor I’m a very active person that uses my phone a lot outside and it rains a lot in Sweden and the design is simple and beautiful


    Samsung is a a top-notch phone despite it’s plasticky design. It’s more about what’s inside than what’s out. That’s the problem with people and our society. And the way they look at a phone shows that personality.

  30. Miguel Mendez B on

    I currently have an iPhone 3GS but like Samsung so much! I would definitely prefer the S5 rather than the best iPhone (the 5S). It has outstanding features and I feel like I would take advantage of every single one of them.

  31. Definitely a fan of the fingerprint scanner. Beats remembering 12+ alpha-numeric / special character passwords!

  32. Javier Neria on

    I would like this phone because of the display, it’s durable, and it has a 16MP camera, if I am correct. I also use my iPhone 4 a lot, but I have to keep constantly charging it. I don’t mind of the plastic back cover too!

  33. Great phone! I think this will be THE smartphone of 2014. I really hope to win because i can’t afford such a nice smartphone. It would be great to win

  34. muhammad hazeeq on

    I want to win this coz i cant afford to buy a new smartphone..i still using galaxy young….please let me win

  35. I have an iPhone 4 but it is starting to break down and I really need a new phone so yeah…

    Plus I’ve wanted to go back to android for a while now.

  36. I want the Samsung Galaxy S5 because It is a phone that is really powerful and has a lot of useful features. Also, I would like to replace my iPhone 5 (the battery lasts 2 hours on a full charge :( ) with this phone :D

  37. Mario Gonzalez on

    I really like technology and your blog. When I saw this giveaway I had to try because I love the new Galaxy but unfortunately can’t afford buying one. Please choose me :)

  38. Kalpana Daswani on

    I’ve seen this phone and I fell in love with all the features it has and everything it has to offer. I can’t do anyything with the blackberry I have so I would like to have the S5 for a more feature-rich phone :)

  39. Vinod Daswani on

    I want to win an S5 because I still don’t have a smartphone in this day and age and a Samsung S5 would be a great start in my opinion as I have tried the Galaxy S4 of some friends and that phone was fantastic so this one would naturally be even better :)

  40. I’ve never had a Samsung phone before. I think that this would be an excellent phone to have especially for the neat little features it has.

  41. I want to win this..I love samsung devices because they have a high quality phones and can connect to every devices..but I never had a samsung which is an current phone now is only a samsung java phone app…if I have an android samsung phone then, it gives me a big help to me because this is where I can update my K-idols in Korea..In my family, I am the ones who can discover and fix some problems on certain phones esp. the samsung phones..I have an account in samsung also.. :)

  42. PurpleBerryJam on

    The S5 is a huge upgrade from it’s earlier phones, and the camera is absolutely gorgeous! It’s display is stunning, and it just looks really inviting. Fingers crossed!

  43. I like the S5 becuz itz an AWEsome Phone!!! Wid lots of feauturezz that I wud liek to usee!! mr parents dont wanna by me an phone :(((((((

  44. I really hope to win this S5 because I would like to upgrade my existing S3 (3G version) to a newer and LTE enabled phone.

  45. I love it! Samsung Galaxy S5 is simply amazing! But, it’s too expensive to me right now.. :( So I would love to win one! :D

  46. Pragadeesh Natrajan on

    I am proffesional who knows about mobiles but i dont have a phone so if i get it i will be happiest person in the world

  47. Mehdi Jaouane on

    hello itechno blog, I’m really looking forward to win it it’s just out of may reach because it’s so expensive so pleaase, pleaaaase…

  48. Riyani Yusella on

    i read so many review about this phone, even before it released and this phone is
    just amazing! i just hope i can get this phone for free..

  49. Andrea Barca on

    i’d like to win a samsung galaxy s5 because technology are my first hobbies and i love it. then i have galaxy s1 but it’s too slow and impossible to use :(

  50. Carl L Smith, Jr on

    I’d like to win because my phone is getting worse every day and it’s becoming a piece of junk! I trust the Samsung brand, I know it is dependable and a phone I can count on.

  51. Because all my friends have phones and I cannot resist the shame of not having a phone because I cannot afford such expensive phones and I really appreciate that you are holding this giveaway so hope I win and good luck everyone

  52. I want to win this because the 1st one is, i want to have a new phone (a better phone) 2nd, i wanna try samsung mobile phones & the last one is i wanna try & explore this samsung galaxy s5!

  53. Kyriakos Psillis on

    really an amazing website you’ve got and great giveaway ! samsung galaxy s5 is one of the best smartphones out there right now with an amazing camera. i am really into photography and that’s really the reason i am entering this giveaway ! can’t afford a decent camera or even this smartphone, so fingers crossed ..

  54. hey i would really like this phone, I’m from Jamaica and this phone is really expensive out here and i really like it …. please i would really love this ! i still have a blackberry bold 2 just saying i really need the upgrade ! please ! … it cost 100,000 in Jamaica which is wayy too expensive

  55. I want to win this cause I still have a blackberry pearl, and its quite ruffed up. Need a nice upgrade like this. The features look awesome!

  56. I’ve always been with android but recently my galaxy s2 accidently dropped from my hands and completely smashed the screen…so an upgrade would be swell!!!

  57. Monica Kirkham on

    Because my bf and I decided that, after two years with a retro flip phone, we would get a smartphone and share it. We had it for a week before he dropped it and cracked the screen. He can have it. ;) This girl needs her own phone to make sure it’s taken care of properly!!! :P

  58. heart sensor, isocell camera, improved amoled display, thin, light, powerful, long lasting battery.. what’s not to like about this phone.. ! :)

  59. I would love to win a Galaxy S5 because I am a loyal Samsung fan and would love to have the newest phone in the line! Thank you!

  60. Ayoka Ragguette on

    I would like to win a Samsung Galaxy S5 because I have never had any type of Samsung Galaxy phone in my life . It would be a dream come true for me . The excitement . The anticipation . To win a Samsung Galaxy S5 and to hold it in my hands for the first time . Oh I have a dream…

  61. I haven’t had a smart phone in two years :(
    And a phone this sexy with awesome performance, who wouldn’t love it?

  62. Briant Morales on

    I want to have a galaxy s5 cause I want to change my old lg l4 II
    phone I will be very thankful if I win:-)

  63. Marvin Chance Pagtalunan on

    I Really Really want to win an Samsung Galaxy S5 because i really love its new features like water resistance and the Fingerprint and hEartrate sensor,, it really helps us how to live in our own lifestyle by its new and amazing camera the 16mp cam. really wonderful that’s why i want it really love Samsung Devices.. I know and i wish to win on this. If i win this thing this is the first time i will hold in person the newest flagship on android devices.. i really really need prayers to win on this.. god help me <3

  64. I want to win the Samsung Galaxy S5
    because I like how the
    water/dust resistance is great feature to prevent from accidental spills to the components.

  65. I would love to win a Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone because I like that the screen is a huge 5.10-inches with a clear 1080×1920 display. An added bonus is a 16-megapixel rear camera that would make everyday picture perfect!

  66. I want to win the Samsung Galaxy S5 because my phone right now is super old and I really need a new phone. The S5 looks very nice.

  67. I currently have the Iphone4 and would love to switch to the Samsung 5 because I heard it has excellent picture quality, huge display,etc.

    subscribed on youtube as (guest r)
    thanks for the giveaway
    sara rai

  68. Kyriakos Psillis on

    we are getting closer ! just a few hours left ! just turned 24, lets hope this year starts well :))) good luck to everyone !

  69. First of all I want to thank you for this amazing giveaway, the reason I want to win the Samsung Galaxy s5 is because I am currently in highschool and I don’t have any phone at all to contact my parents and friends. Especially staying after school for extra curricular activities I can’t contact my parents telling them, so I always have to ask my friends if I can use their phone or either I have to go to the office to make an call. It is really embarrassing to always ask your friends, especially when they tell you why are always need phone to call don’t you have one. Mostly all my friends have the latest phones such as the galaxy s5, htc one or Iphone 5s. Once again thank you for this amazing giveaway and you guys make amazing videos. I hope you select for this giveaway thank you !!

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